I’m Phil Amery, and welcome to my site.

What Can I Do For You?

I’m here to help you overcome your digital marketing challenges. My mission is to offer useful guidelines on successfully conducting your online marketing activity by using proven and efficient digital marketing strategies as well as best practices which really work.

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In addition to my regular blog posts covering all sorts of digital marketing topics from SEO to PPC to web analytics and marketing automation to growth hacking, I’ll be also covering software reviews, case studies and tutorials.

My Career

I have worked as an SEO professional for eight years in several highly competitive niches. I started as a link builder and worked at both large and medium sized organizations like iProspect member of the largest digital communication network, the Dentsu Aegis Network along with isobar Hungary.

I established my own SEO agency in 2010. I have worked on several projects in different industries which led me to cultivate and reinforce strategic thinking whenever I plan a new online marketing strategy.

What’s that name again?

I’m Hungarian, so my real name is Fülöp Imre Levente, a fully Hungarian name. For any phonetics-lovers out there, that would be [fʊə-ləp] [ɪm-rə] [lə-vən-tə].

Since I do business in English, I figured I might as well have a name that English speakers can figure out. Hence the name Phil Amery [fɪl] [æməri], the English equivalent of my original Hungarian name. Feel free to call me either Phil or Amery.



I am a professional swimmer, and I am a maniac about scientific documentaries, from astronomy to nanotechnology, or TED talks of renowned scientists.

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